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Corporate Video

A website without a video is like … a store without signage … a call to action without any messaging. To be taken seriously in today’s world, there is no marketing tool as powerful as video messaging. And this can come in many forms. 

Corporate video can showcase a leader or a team, it can show diversity and a range of skills. It can be placed on your homepage for prominence – giving a sense of who you are from the outset. Or, it can bring a static team page to life and present your company’s values in a way that creates a true connection. We know that people respond to other humans – the power of storytelling – we empathize with our fellow human beings and this prompts a reaction – which in this case is connectivity.

Video content can contribute to a 157% increase in organic traffic to your landing page*. Can you afford not to? 

Striking Media works alongside The Lego Group, Legal and General, The Alliance Group, Vendor Centric and Clarity Voice to name a few of our clients and each project is different – there is no ‘one size fits all.’ From event led corporate videos, to narrative driven content or animation, it all starts with conversations, listening and hearing. 

Video can play a key role in explaining your mission – clearly and succinctly. Eliminating the uncomfortable hesitations and trip ups that often happen when we speak – presenting the best version of you!! If you struggle with the frustration of repeating your mission and messaging, video is a key tool that will save you time and energy!

The level of support is dependent on the client’s wish. Vendor management company, Vendor Centric ( wanted a series of videos to support their new website and to showcase why their services can make a true difference to a company’s success. CEO Tom Rogers opted for teleprompter reads and one video with a professional voice over artist.

Filming took place over two days, on location in the corporate offices and in a studio. Scripts were written collaboratively between the client and the production company, given that the client knew their business and terminology but needed help in  shaping an impactful narrative. We kept it short, we kept it punchy and succeeded in creating content that kept the viewer engaged.  CEO, Tom Roger was thrilled with the result.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be on camera? 

No you don’t. We can use visuals and a voice over (professional or a team member). We can use actors if required. Although there is a benefit to seeing the team, there are ways to create content without showing faces. 

Who will write the script? 

Each client receives as much script writing support as they would like. Some clients prefer to write the first draft themselves then collaborate on the finessing. Others prefer the production company to write the script entirely. Our team is skilled at crafting a narrative that is succinct and captures the audience’s attention, so we will do as much as you wish. 

Do I need to read a teleprompter? 

You do not! We have teleprompters for those that prefer this method of communicating. Our teleprompters are manually operated to sroll at your pace and to work for you. You should never be chasing the teleprompter’s pace, but if you prefer interview-style, then we can do this also. This means the person on camera is answering questions, asked by someone off camera and cut together in a natural way. 

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What our clients have to say

“Striking Media helped us shoot new corporate videos for an upcoming refresh of the Vendor Centric website. The team executed on a great plan for the video shoot, and the end results came out excellent.

Tom Rogers
Vendor Centric
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