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Headshot Photography

Headshot photography is a basic marketing tool for everyone, with no exceptions. If you’re looking to be taken seriously, then ensure your headshot represents your business self. No holiday snaps, please! 

Good headshot photography is well lit, flattering and authentic. While photoshop is a great tool, we strongly advise against an image that knocks decades off. You will eventually meet your clients face to face so we recommend the best version of yourself – today – not twenty years ago. 

A good headshot photographer puts their subject at ease while helping them to feel the best version of themselves. Different poses and smiles will be suggested all while making you feel comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my headshot important? 

Your headshot reflects your professional self. An appropriate headshot will boost your company’s credibility and attract new business. 

What should I wear?

 Choose an outfit with block colors that flatter your skin tone. Avoid logos and heavy patterns. For ladies, choose a neckline that flatters without being too revealing, which sits well on you. For men, consider if you prefer a collar and tie look with a jacket, or a more casual look. This could reflect your industry or personality. 

Can I bring multiple outfits? 

Of course! You can try on different outfits and they can be reviewed on camera so that you are thrilled with the final result. 

Where should my headshot be taken?

The background will set the tone, so if you are looking for a corporate look, you may prefer a plain studio backdrop. However if you work in a more informal industry, outdoors can work. Feel free to research looks that you like and share these as examples. 

Do you offer hair and make up? 

Absolutely! Hair and make up can be offered at the client’s request. Our goal is for you to feel your best self, so that confidence radiates on screen. 

Will my photo be edited? 

Your image will be touched up, however we believe in making you still look like yourself. Consider it to be ‘light editing’ as opposed to ‘we’re knocking off 20 years!!!!’  

Can the photographer come to our corporate offices or event location? 

Yes! Striking Media photographers are fully equipped with mobile backdrops so can set up their equipment anywhere to capture your images. We offer a variety of backdrop colors or photographs on branded step-and-repeats as requested. 

How long will it take? 

Of course everybody is different. Some people arrive, glow, get snapped and leave in just a few short minutes. For others they enjoy the process of trying different looks, different smiles and reviewing. One thing you can be sure of is that you won’t be rushed. You will have the opportunity to review your images in studio or on location and select your preferred headshot choice on the day, so that the editing can be done promptly following and sent out to you a few days later.

Striking Media was thrilled to be asked to capture the headshots for the new team of luxury hotel Pendry at The Wharf in Washington DC.

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What our clients have to say

“What a great experience we had with Striking Media –  strong focus on us (the client) and our needs, very responsive and fabulous end result.  Highly recommend!”

Pascal Forotti
Pendry Group
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