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Event Photography

An event only happens once so having confidence in your photographer’s ability to work quietly and seamlessly is key. The secret sauce – good planning! Striking Media focuses on the planning process – the agenda setting – establishing the key figures – the action that must be captured – so that come event day we know what we’re doing and you can focus on the event. 

Whether the event has keynote speakers or workshops, our photographers will capture the most memorable moments. 

The Lego Group, based in Washington DC, needed a photographer to capture the results of a the RITEC survey which was looking at the impact of the online world on young people. As part of this, invitees were asked to participate in a series of workshops to create virtual worlds. The results were impressive! 

Typically, Striking Media photographers are capturing corporate events – conferences, events and meetings. We’re not the team for a wedding or personal event – sorry!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the photographer need to see the location in advance? 

Sometimes, yes, depending on the location. Striking Media will ask a host of questions in the planning meeting and depending on the look and feel of the images, the event theme, we may do a pre planning recce to visit the location and see the space. This is not always a requirement but sometimes helps planning. 

Do you bring lights? 

Depending on the location and requirements, all our photographers have a full set of kit and are ready to bring whatever you need. 

How many images are delivered? 

As many as you would like! We will plan the shot list with the client in advance and bundle up the number of images delivered. 

When will images be delivered? 

Our regular turnaround time for delivery of images is one week, but if they are needed quicker, this can be arranged. Our goal is to deliver whatever our client’s need! 

Will images be printed? 

No, the client receives digital files and printing is at their discretion. 

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