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Non-Profit Videography

Stories have been a key part in our communication since the beginning of time and there is no doubt that storytelling is crucial to a nonprofit organization’s success. Hearing from grantees, donors and families – creating a human connection – is the magic that creates engagement and promotes giving. 

Nonprofit videography is undoubtedly one of Striking Media’s favorite genres of production. People are amazing. They never fail to inspire us. The bravery it takes to share a personal story on camera, is a privilege we never take for granted. Our nonprofit clients have a special place in our hearts as the work they do makes a true difference. Striking Media is fortunate to have ongoing relationships with PathForward, The Community Foundation for Northern Virginia, Northern Virginia Family Services, Phoenix Bikes and PRS to name a few. 

With nonprofit videography there is the opportunity to share a story, evoke a powerful response and move people to action. 

Of course, how the story is told is key to its success. Creating the right ambiance for the interviewee to feel safe in sharing, having accompanying visuals that show don’t tell, music that compliments, rather than distracts – these are all key elements in the art of successful and impactful storytelling. 

Every detail needs to be considered and the call to action (CTA) is vital. Here’s a fact – calls to action get 380% more clicks when they are placed in a video.* Think of that opportunity for raising key funds to support an organization… A carefully worded CTA – giving or volunteering details opens the door to a much wider audience potential. 

Evergreen material is also an important component. While many nonprofits are pushed to create content for a fundraising event, these are important marketing dollars that need to have longevity. Striking Media is always thinking ahead – how can this video be reused, re-purposed, re-shared so that it has a longer shelf life. While it may mean a tweak to the CTA, a change to an intro / outro page, we want the video to live on and we’ll do whatever we can to ensure this happens. 

The truest example of the power of nonprofit storytelling is a story worth sharing. The Community Foundation for Northern Virginia ( tells insightful stories every year to showcase the impact of their incredible work. The 2022 Raise the Region Gala featured some of the most powerful storytelling ever undertaken by the nonprofit and by Striking Media. One of the beneficiaries featured was Safespot ( – a safe haven for children who have experienced sexual abuse. A board member – herself a survivor of abuse – was brave enough to be at the event, as her story was shown on the screens. It was an incredibly poignant moment – the room full of 500 supporters was silent, tears were shed as she recounted her story, and her wish that there might have been a place like Safespot for her in her time of need, as a vulnerable child. Once the video had played and donations had been given, a donor approached her and simply said, “That video was so powerful. Because of you, I have just donated $15,000.” That moment summed up a lot – the power of storytelling, the human connection and the impact of people’s bravery in sharing deeply personal stories for the good of others. 

We are always humbled. We always show the most amount of respect. And we love the privilege of this work.

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What our clients have to say

Striking Media has become an integral partner to the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia.  Not only do they offer their creative expertise to produce compelling stories of impact, they embrace the core values of our organization throughout the process, resulting in videos that we will be able to share for many years.

Tara Nadel
The Community Foundation for Northern Virginia
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