Videography Creates Opportunity!

Creating video content is creating opportunities. And without opportunity, where are we? We need opportunity in life, to move forward, to achieve, and to thrive, and it’s no different with our business lives. 

And creating opportunity often requires a step out of our comfort zone into something new, which can be exciting and sometimes intimidating. But rest assured, when it comes to videography, Striking Media is there to support you. 

How videography served one local eye doctor 

Optometrist Dr. Sara Varghai, business owner of Nova Optique and Eye Care in Ballston, VA, has created an impressive optique focusing on customer care. ( The technology is state of the art, the space is stylish with glass choices from around the world and her team is top-notch. However, from the street view, she was experiencing a problem that passers-by were ‘only’ seeing the eyewear, and they weren’t aware of the technology in the rooms that they couldn’t see, so they weren’t aware of the eye consultations that she offers. 

The solution? Improved visibility across all her platforms. With 93% of brands saying they get new customers due to video marking posted on social media accounts*, this was a wise decision. 

The benefits of being the star of your own videography project 

Sara’s key pillars were three-fold, focusing on technology, customer care, and eyewear. Sara stepped in front of the camera to present her professional self, sharing the whats and the whys. This personal presentation is key to the success of the video. She leads the team, and she created the business so making that human-to-human connection – sharing why she cares – will attract her audience and help her to build her brand. 

One of Sara’s priorities was to have videography for all her platforms, so she chose to invest not only in a branding video but also in three shorts focusing on her ‘pillars’ – technology, customer care, and eyewear. These are all less than a one-minute duration, and they will be placed across her social media platforms and shared extensively in ‘bite-sized chunks’ to raise visibility. 

Sara also used production day to get new headshots of herself and the team and to capture client testimonials – always worthwhile. 

According to Big Commerce, 72% of consumers say positive testimonials and reviews increase their trust in a business. Potential customers may be more willing to use a product or service if they see that your company is being transparent and honest with them.

Each testimonial spoke to one of her business pillars, and the clients were generous enough with their time to feature in the branding video content. As with many successful businesses, Sara’s relationships with her clients are so good that they are more than willing to take the time to support her in raising her business profile. 

The result? Following one day’s production, Sara has new headshots and team images, a loop reel for her website, branding videography giving visibility behind the storefront, showcasing the technology and the priority on customer care, and three shorts focusing on the pillars of her business. She’s set up for a successful 2023. Are you? 

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*source Explain Ninja