6 Key Storytelling Principles to Supercharge Your Videography

One of the things Striking Media’s clients worry about most is their video’s script. Many of our videography clients know that they want to invest in a powerful video that will help them meet their organization’s goals. But outstanding videography is more than just visuals – the script is the kernel at the center that brings the whole piece to life.

Whether our clients are using our turnkey scriptwriting services or are writing their scripts themselves, we find it’s most helpful to think not in terms of writing a video script, but in terms of telling a great story. Here are some of the key storytelling principles we use at Striking Media to help our videography clients’ audiences glued to the screen from beginning to end.

  1. Plan for a “wow” moment – if you capture the audience’s attention at the beginning, you’ve won half the battle already. In order for your viewers to stay engaged with your video, you need to have a great start.
  2. Think of your video script like a plot – as you may remember from English class, a good plot has some initial exposition, then rising action, which leads to a climax, followed by a resolution. Using that structure can help add the excitement that keeps people watching.
  3. Use the magic videography formula – we’ll let you in on a secret that keeps our clients coming back: the magic videography formula, or “the four Ms.” Each video should include four Ms” a moment to laugh, a moment to cry, a moment to feel inspired, and a moment to give. Try it in your next script!
  4. Do your homework – Before we film any interviews, Striking Media’s video production team connects with the client for a pre interview interview. Talking with the client before the camera is rolling gives us a big advantage. It helps us lay the foundation for the story, so that we can plan thoughtfully to create, and elicit, the building blocks of a compelling story from our interviewees.
  5. Look to the classics – the great storytelling archetypes are woven into each of us at a deep level. The appeal of a “journey” story, or a “rags to riches” tale, endures. We draw inspiration from sources all around us to enrich and enliven the story’s we’re telling through videography.
  6. Think it through – each video, like each story, must have a beginning, middle, and end. Paying attention to each phase of the narrative is key to using them to your advantage.

Supercharging your video with outstanding storytelling may sound difficult – and it can indeed be a challenge. If you want to make a video, but you’re stuck on the script, give us a shout. We can help you make your organization, and your message, the star of the show.


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